More than twenty years ago, in 1987, I began work on an idea I had for an animated film. Two years later, Dream premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, as a finalist in the Yoram Gross Short Animated Film Award.

In 1996, Dream was released as part of the surf film, Litmus, described by both Surfer and Tracks magazines as the most important surf film of the decade. Surfers all over the world continue to enjoy its timeless appeal on DVD. But Dream was originally shot on 35mm, and was always intended for the big screen.

In 2007, I thought it was timely to revisit some of the imagery by enlarging some individual frames from the film and reproducing them in coloured resins. This was documented by Andrew Kidman in the short film Realising the Dream. The process pays homage to the enlarged images as they appear in a big screen format, as well as to the surfboard making process itself. They can be reproduced any size and in almost any format. As you can see, I’ve also done some on surfboards.

I also have the original, hand-painted cels for sale (see below). If you would like to own a piece of the original work, or an enlarged reproduction in coloured resins, feel free to contact me.

Realising the Dream, a short doco about the making of Dream