Black Rock Exhibition 2010

Black Rock Studio Solo Exhibition 2010Black Rock Studio Solo Exhibition 2010Black Rock Studio Solo Exhibition 2010Black Rock Studio Solo Exhibition 2010
These are some photos of my recent exhibition at Black Rock Gallery, Nambucca Heads. The fellow who runs the place, Russell Pell, is a photographer, and the gallery usually features photos and prints of Russell’s work, as well as prints from well-known local surf photographers such as Frank Pithers and Alby Falzon. I guess it was my work in surf magazines that persuaded Russell that it might be a good fit for the gallery.
The show looked great, I thought. Up until recently, I was showing through David Rex-Livington Contemporary Art in Surry Hills, in Sydney. But David was only ever interested in oil paintings and serious, fine art work, which was sometimes frustrating for me and my somewhat schizophrenic artistic interests.
So it was nice to be able to show the other side of what I do, for once, and have the chance to appreciate the resin paintings, original animation cels and pen and ink drawings, as well as some Gonad Man comics, in the same context as the oil paintings. For a long time, I have been trying to organise a situation whereby I could see the different sides of my art all together, in the one room. And although, from a selling point of view, the exhibition wasn’t exactly a huge success, thanks go to Russell, and his wife, Cristina, for the opportunity of making that happen.

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  1. hi mark just wanted to say your work is great! your animation is brilliant! i,d like to see your paintings first hand, do you still have work at the Surry Hills gallery?

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